Sen Nin Japanese Teppanyaki & Sushi Restaurant – Islington

I have a weakness for sushi. I also have a weakness for 50% off deals, and thankfully Sen Nin in Islington has both said things on a Tuesday. Absolute winner! Slightly incorrect name for this branch as they no longer do Teppanyaki! However the Camden branch does.

To celebrate my friend passing her driving theory test we decided to take a trip there yesterday, we have been a couple of times before on a Tuesday but then they took away the 50% off deal so stopped going. Happiness was restored when my friend snapchatted me a picture of the sign saying it was back, so another visit was on the cards! (don’t judge, the sushi is pretty expensive and we are relatively poor… plus who can resist a 50% off deal!) Slightly incorrect name for this branch as they no longer do Teppanyaki! However the Camden branch does.

When we arrived at about 6.30pm there were several tables already occupied, and for some reason we were all seated in the same section of the restaurant which was a bit odd. But we were sat down quickly and drinks orders taken promptly. The waitress was very attentive (possibly too attentive?) and came back to us several times to see if we were ready to order. I am terrible at deciding what to eat so I took my time. We ordered several different sushi and entree dishes and said that we would have them whenever they were ready. First out was the vegetable gyoza which were OK, slightly slimy but I can cope with that. Next we got the prawn tempura, chicken nanbanzuke, salmon nigiri, california roll and tebasaki.


So my thoughts:
– prawn tempura had a nice light batter but not too much flavour, however we did get a cheeky batter baby sweetcorn too which was a nice surprise!
– The california rolls were nice and big and you got 6 per portion. They were slightly too big and when trying to bit them in half most of the stuff fell out, so you either had to have a huge mouthful of the whole roll and end up looking like a chipmunk, or catch all the fallings out if you bite it! It’s fair to say we tried out both techniques with entertaining results!
– The tebasaki are basically chicken wings that were deep fried (i think) with some spice and some teriyaki sauce. I could take or leave these, they were very small and had some spice but for the price they definitely are not worth it. To be honest i have had better chicken wings in KFC…
– Salmon nigiri was very tasty, you only got 2 pieces which for the price isn’t great. But the salmon was smooth and very easy to eat and not too thin a slice, but I am a sucker for sushi so I will pretty much like anything! If only you got more per plate.
– The chicken nanbanzuke was several chunks of chicken along with leeks (bit random) on a skewer and marinated in a sweet spicy citrus sauce. Nice but not remember-able unfortunately.

So after all of that we still fancied some more… so we ordered more salmon nigiri and volcano rolls. The volcano roll was a salmon roll which was then covered in a light tempura batter. This meant that the outside of the roll was crispy and warm from the batter and the inside was cold with a generous amount of yummy salmon. This is topped with tobiko (flying fish roe) and a mayonnaise-y sauce. I have never had one of these before so I cannot comment on what it should taste like, but to me it was delicious!

IMG_20140303_153747volcano roll

We have never ordered any of the main meals here so I’m afraid I cannot comment on what they are like! I did spot a Pad Thai and a Penang curry which are Thai rather than Japanese… and lamb chops too! I think we will just stick to the sushi and starters. Also, on a Sunday they have an unlimited sushi buffet at £9.95 so I might have to give that a try too if ever I am in the area.

Overall the bill came to about £69.26, but take off 50% and it came to £34.63! Bloody bargain when you consider we had 4 beers and 8 dishes.

206 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1RQ

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Hache – Shoreditch

Instead of having a romantic night in with the fella, me and my friends decided that we should all have a group valentines day together, as a sort of “screw you” towards the day in question. With several of us being in relationships it felt nice to all come together and just celebrate the friendships that we have with each other. Unfortunately my other half had to work but I substituted him for my good friend and got sufficiently squiffy with her as my “partner”.

As communal lovers of all things burger related, Hache felt like a great option for all of us. We have been several times before and the one in Shoreditch is just round the corner from B@1 with it’s 241 cocktail happy hour (cheeky!). Having booked a table of 10 of us (on valentines day even) we were well accommodated amongst the couples surrounding us. We had a few people arrive late and the waitresses were very understanding. Having worked as a waitress before it really makes you aware of their role and personally I try and make it as easy for them as possible, because I know what it is like to have terrible customers… They took our orders relatively quickly and the drinks arrived promptly.

If you live in Shoreditch, Clapham, Chelsea or Camden then you are lucky enough to have this burger restaurant at your doorstep. Now, the selection in Hache is bavarian hachepretty vast for a burger restaurant and I have to say I have tried a large amount of them. Particular highlights are the Louisiana (topped with peanut butter – definitely a particular taste), the Lamb burger (with mint sauce and redcurrant jelly). However I decided to go for the Bavarian as i am a sucker for anything cheese based, and this comes with a particularly large slab of Bavarian cheese on top. You can order how you like it cooked as well as what bun you would like – Ciabatta or Brioche. I chose medium rare and brioche. I also ordered a side of sweet potato fries as I have a slight addiction to them and Haches are pretty damn tasty.

I got over excited when the food arrived and quickly ate a large amount before I remembered to take a photograph, but here is the burger in all its glory. It comes with a topping of caramelised onions too which really complemented the cheese and wasn’t too sweet so it wasn’t all you could taste. The cheese was Lovely and smoky and melty and yummy. The meat was cooked really well, medium rare how I ordered it (the picture totally doesn’t do it justice) and the bun was lovely and squidgy. All in all a great mouthful of burger.

Overall the bill came to about £23.50 for me which included: burger, fries and I shared 2 bottles of wine between three of us.

You don’t need a best friend, you need great friends. The quote that sums up the night.

147-149 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3QE

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